Top Ten Tips for Selling a Home in Vancouver

Selling your home

Consult with a Realtor® to see what changes they would suggest. I am always  happy to help out with a walkthrough to help my clients really take their property to the next level to sell faster.


Curb appeal is your home’s first impression. Start with the exterior of the building, as an inviting exterior ensures potential buyers will also want to see the inside.

10) Painting the front of a house can help give it a “face lift”. If it is a condo, perhaps consider painting or replacing your front door.

9) Keep a well-maintained garden. Buyers do not want a project of weeding and lawn mowing when they buy. Planting some annuals in the spring and summer can add colour and charm to the equation.

8 ) Ensure that the garage and porch or deck space are free of clutter and refuse. Neat and tidy is the name of the game. As well, wash windows, doors, mailboxes, and gutters. You want the home to sparkle!

7) Fix up any loose ends. Patch any cracks in the pavement and repair loose awnings, or damaged siding or windows.


You can do a lot to improve the inside of your home without spending a great deal of money (see my article on the best bang for your renovation buck ) Keep in mind that the kitchen and bathroom are the best places to spend any extra funds.

6) CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! Ensure especially that the kitchen and bathroom are ultra clean. Clean gives you the closest look to new that you can get, without actually being new. Steam clean or replace carpets if necessary. The smell of a new carpet will lift a buyer’s impression of a place, because they will automatically see value in not having to spend money on getting rid of old, dirty carpets. (If you do replace carpet, make sure it blends with the other carpets, and think neutral when it comes to colour.)

5) Replacing old fixtures and knobs with modern hardware can be an easy and inexpensive way to create a fresh feeling in a home. New lights fixtures, and door handles or towel racks can all be replaced with a quick trip to the hardware store and an afternoon of work.

4) Do any handy-man jobs before you put your property up for sale. Same as with the outside, people do not want to deal with projects inside when they are buying. So, fix any leaking taps or cracked light switch covers, and burned or scratched countertops.

3) Bring new life to a tired-looking space by repainting dingy walls or kitchen cabinets. Painting is not hard to do, but pay attention to detail; the only thing worse than not painting is a bad paint job. Watch your drips and take your time to tape up anything that should not be painted, such as light switches and other walls…

2) De-clutter! Remove all your out-of-season closet items, and make sure that you can see the top of every counter and the entire fridge. Send all that stuff away, as you want storage areas and closets to feel large and spacious, not stuffed so full people can’t even tell how big the space is!

1) Have you ever heard the line “everything sells for a price”? This is really the truth when it comes to selling real estate. Talk to your Realtor® about pricing your home at market value and understand why he or she is suggesting a given price. (You don’t ask your doctor for help fixing your car; you trust him for his medical expertise, so trust in your realtor’s experience as the professional.) Correct pricing is really the most important step in getting you home SOLD!

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