Things to do before the end of this year…2011!


1) Back up your computer and/or smart phone.

2) Send off your charitable donations for the 2011 tax year. It just feels so good to help others.

3) Call all your old friends to stay in touch with them.

4) Make contributions to RRSP’s, TFSA’s and RESP’s (Registered Retired Savings Plan, Tax Free Savings Account, and Registered Education Saving Plan respectively).

5) Review your spending for 2011 and create a budget for 2012.

6) Set goals or New Year’s Resolutions. For more details, check out my previous article on this topic.

7) Let people in your life know that you care. We often take the people around us for granted. Be sure to tell all those special people they are important to you and you do care about them!

8) Use up your coupons and gift cards! Check expiry dates; some are only good for a year!

9) Book capital losses. If you have any capital gains for the last two years you may want to trigger losses to reduce the amount of gains “deemed payable.” This needs to be done before the December 23 deadline, to be part of 2011’s tax year.

10) Take time or make time for your own self and do what you love… Life unfurls so quickly, so make sure at some point you’re making time for fun.

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