Things that I learned on the Ride to Conquer Cancer that are a metaphor in life…

Ride to Conquer Cancer

10. It is always easier to work as a team rather than going alone. (Drafting is a  big part of riding long distances where everyone takes a turn to lead the pack and breaks the wind for the rest of the team.)

9. Bring ear plugs! In a tent city there are lots of noises (especially snoring)!

8. Be prepared for the unexpected. I did not get a flat tire but many did and you are often a long way from help!

7. Have the right gear to do the job. Many people used road bikes but some did not and it is more work with fat tires due to the road resistance, (one guy even road a unicycle) not easy! It rained a lot and the right gear made a big difference between cold and wet and warm and dry(ish).

6. Training and practice make a difference. The more you prepare the easier things get!

5. You are not alone. Many people think what you are thinking and feel what you are feeling. Together we get through it!

4. Cancer affects a lot of people… (1 in 4 Canadians…) But it is not the end.

3. You have to look after your body so it can look after you.

2. If you believe in something, you can do it. 200+ kilometres is a long way to go in 2 days on a bike but it can and has been done by people of all ages, size and ability!

1. No matter how much discomfort you are feeling or pain you are experience during the ride… it is nothing compared to what a person with cancer has to endure and experiences.

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