The surprising truth of what motivates us

As part of my business development I looked back at my past to reflect on influential moments in my life. It was fun thinking back to many great moments and I realized that many of these moments came when I was volunteering.

For exampleSailing, I have a long history with sailing. I have coached and raced but  I currently help out volunteering on Tuesday nights to get people out sailing between the ages of 18-40 that can’t quite afford their own boat but want to be out on the water in English Bay. I get to meet many new and interesting people and share with people my knowledge about something I am passionate about.

So if you are looking for new experiences in your life, find something you enjoy and get involved as a volunteer. It may surprise you how much you enjoy it. I have volunteered at Theater Under the Stars, coached community hockey, high school coaching/tutoring, currently sit on a Sailing Committee and work annually with the Food Bank. We are all busy people but helping out when and where people are needed as a volunteer not only helps the overall fabric of humanity but can be a deep and rich experience as well. In keeping with these lines, check out this great YouTube video link below titled, The surprising truth about what motivates us. (The animation is done really well.)

By the way if you want to go sailing let me know!!

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