The Dream Investment

House and Money

Do you want to consistently make a good return on your money and lower your investment risk? Outperform the market through real estate.

Part of my job as a realtor is to help my clients get the best deal possible and put more money in their pocket. Part of the buying process is also getting a good mortgage rate and I always try to help my clients do that too. Consider, even if you have a great relationship with a bank, get a second opinion with a mortgage broker because quite possibly the mortgage rate and mortgage terms will be better. Why compete with the bank to get a good rate? Why not get the bank to compete for you?

Once you get the keys to your new home or even if you have owned real estate for a while, there are still more options available to put more dollars into your pocket. Contemplate where you can go to get a consistent return of 3% to 4% or more, GUARANTEED. Putting your money in GICs (Guaranteed Investment Certificates) will pay you back 1% for short terms and up to 2.5% if you’re willing to lock in for up five years! The stock market could pay you much more or much less (remember risk equals reward, to earn higher returns requires higher risk. So why not bet on a sure thing?! Pay down your mortgage faster!

Not many people think of paying off debt (your mortgage) as an investment but it is. In fact, paying down your mortgage will not only put you in a stronger financial position by reducing your debt risk but it will give you more disposable income once the mortgage is paid off… to reinvest or enjoy on other things! See my blog, Want to make $120,000? and learn how to pay off your mortgage faster.

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