My Ride to Conquer Cancer

My adventure begins…. My father in-law Ted Stewart is half way through his adventure but mine has just begun. Ted is battling Bladder Cancer. He has kept his positive attitude  throughout his treatment and he has a prognosis for beating it! Ted has made it through a pretty hefty round of chemotherapy. On October 20, Ted’s birthday, he had surgery to remove his bladder, and is recovering at home.  No matter how you look at this scenario it has been a tough road. Ted has certainly put on a brave face and is the last person to ever complain. Ted is one of those people that would give you the shirt off his back or even his last dollar just to help. He is the kind of friend that will call just to say “Hi” and is the first person to show up when you need help. Basically, Ted is “saint” material. So a person like this is worth fighting for, and I mean extremely hard fighting! I want him around and for a very long time.

So the best way I can think of to help his cause is to help him fight cancer and help the doctors working with him to do the same. Two in five Canadians will have to deal with cancer, so I have joined The Ride to Conquer Cancer. Any amount of training and a commitment to raise money for cancer research is a really small price to pay to try and beat this monumental disease. This individual cycling event is a monolithic two day ride starts from Surrey and winding up in Seattle. My goal is to raise $3000 for BC Cancer Research to make sure that Ted and people like Ted are survivors. If you are interested in helping click here.

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