Learning about Awesome

Awesome 2I recently attended the RE/MAX Western Canada Conference to “Sharpen the tools” as they say. The key note speaker was Neil Pasricha International Bestseller of The Book of Awesome.


His book was based around the little bits of joy that we experience in every day life, such as Thinking it is Thursday when it is really Friday or Getting the parking spot right out in front. Pasricha really brought great clarity to a world of craziness that many of us live (especially when talking to a room of driven realtors!). Why do we do what we do and what is really important in life?

He inspired me to think, “Why I do what I do?” and here is part of my inspiration from the Calgary 2013 conference.

Awesome things about what I do:

Making people happy.

Teaching people about my passion.

Working with my family.

Working with people.

Negotiating for people and winning.

Flexibility of work schedule with rewards for hard work.

Following other passions like skiing and sailing.

Learning continually.

Growing friendships, as clients become friends.

No two days are ever the same!

(I won a book for my first answer so if you are interested in having a read let me know I would be happy to share it!)

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