How To Make Sure You’re Happy With Your New Home on Move-In Day


Have you ever heard the old line “when you assume, you make an ass of u- and me?” Usually when people move into their new home they find things generally are what they expected: a clean home that is pretty much in the condition it was when they last viewed it.

Sometimes, however, goofy things can happen…things such as appliances being changed, or, the place looks like a bomb when off, with garbage everywhere!! How do you avoid surprises like these?

Having a good agent who uses their real estate tools well is a good start. Work with a professional who can write a solid contract that will speak to your concerns and the condition of the property. If the wall-to-wall carpet is rundown and stained, make sure your agent writes into the contract that the seller will have the carpets professionally cleaned (if that is what you want). If you have a particular expectation about anything at the outset, write it into the contract….e.g. the garden shed stays, the chandelier stays, the drapes that match the wall paper from the 70’s MUST GO!

When you inspect the property, it’s a good idea to take lots of photos. That is one of the things I always do for my clients, so that they have a photo journal of how the property existed when they first inspected it. Normally, buyers expect to receive the property in the condition it was in when they inspected it. Sellers cannot remove or switch appliances or fixtures unless this is expressly written into the contract.

Measurements are also something you may want to verify, especially if the space is being marketed at a certain size and you have a feeling that the walls are creeping in on you… Ask for some assistance in verifying the measurements.

HappyMost of the time buyers move in without a hitch and everyone is happy. But it pays to be careful. You can avoid these types of problems by not making assumptions about how things will be, by asking questions, and by taking photos. And to be really sure, write your concerns in the contract.

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