Have you ever had that sinking feeling???

Whether you’re buying Vancouver real estate or just working on a boat, it’s always important to work with good professionals.

For those of you who don’t know me, I have a long history with sailing. Last year I accomplished one of my life goals and bought an Islander 28 sailboat called Vamanos!

The hull was a major project to refinish. It had eleven layers of paint and putty that took a long, wet month to strip and grind. Once we got all of the paint off we discovered some cracks and damage that I Vamanos needing workconsidered fixing myself, even though I have limited experience in repair work. In the end I decided to hire a professional. With him we got ‘er all fixed up and we applied several layers of epoxy and antifouling paint. And, once we got her back in the water, she promptly started to sink!

You’re asking yourself, what does this have to do with real estate? Well, it is an allegory for buying or selling real estate in Vancouver.

In real estate some people perceive value in doing things themselves and, yes, sometimes you can save a few bucks this way. But it can also cost you…a lot. You could try to buy or sell real estate by yourself, or you could do your own property inspection. These scenarios could also have you swimming with proverbial sharks while drowning in paperwork from a lawsuit, or you could find that your foundation is literally sinking. Since we had a true professional repair our keel, he stood by his work and corrected the little issue of our boat sinking problem. The same is true for real estate professionals. By working with good professionals you protect yourself from big problems. I could have saved myself a few bucks and done the boat work myself, but I am glad I had a good professional to look out for me.Vamanos

By the way if you ever want to go for a sail and talk about real estate (two of my favourite things) I am always around for a “bounce around the bay” just give me a call!

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