Greg’s Top 10 Tips for reaching your New Years Resolution or Goals

Reaching Goals

10. Be specific – Don’t just say I want to lose weight. Say how much weight and by when.

9. Social support is important. Find a friend to reach your goal with you.

8. Research – Read about your goal, look on the internet, and find books at the library. Immerse your self in your goal.

7. Set your goal as two parts – A) Where you want to be; and B) The plan of how you are going to get there. For instance, if you want to learn to scuba dive and see the Great Barrier Reef then … maybe you should sign up for a scuba diving courses to learn how to do scuba diving and book a trip to get there!

6. WRITE IT DOWN and show it to people. This helps to commit to your goal. Then put it on the fridge or the bathroom mirror as a reminder to your commitment.

5. Surround yourself with experts or people that are passionate already about what you want to do. If you want to learn to cook, hang out with friends that enjoy cooking in their kitchen and ask them questions about what they are doing.

4. Break down large goals into little pieces – If you want to run a marathon, first expect to learn to run 1 or 2 Km before you can run 5 or 10 Km and so on….

3. If you get off track that is okay – you can start again tomorrow! (Quitting Smoking takes on average 7 attempts before someone quits for good…you may need more than one attempt to reach your goal.)

2. Schedule – Create a routine so that you will be able to sustain your plan to reach your goal over the long term.

1. Have Fun with it! If walking on a treadmill is boring for you, try walking on the sea wall with crashing waves next to you. It can be a lot more exciting! If you make it enjoyable you are much more likely to want to keep doing it.

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