Greg’s Top 10 Things To Do To Get Ready For Winter in Vancouver (as it is supposed to be a cold and snowy one!)

10. Winterize your car. Snow tires and antifreeze are going to be important this year. (Consider using pet friendly antifreeze.)clip_image001

9. Furnaces: Change furnace filters and get your furnace serviced (it is better to be proactive than reactive when it is only a few degrees out!!)

8. Fireplaces: Get your wood burning chimney swept and inspected or your gas fireplace serviced.

7. Weather Stripping: When was the last time you looked at the weather stripping around your doors and caulking around windows to eliminate draft and make your home more energy efficient?

6. Flu shots! Invaluable to those of us self-employed or a child care giver or associated with the infirm or elderly.

5. It is Craft fair season: look into many events from the Dunbar Community Centre to the Circle Craft Fair

4. Holiday Cards: Get a jump early while you still have time! If you are looking for help with this, good old Costco can help.

3. Stock up: on snow-melt/de-icing/rock salt and locate or buy a new snow shovel, to keep handy. Buy now and be prepared! (Tip: travel with a spare shovel and ice melt in your trunk of your car, once snow starts to fall.)

2. Extra blankets or winter jackets: Realtors Care Drive – Blankets and jackets will be greatly appreciated by those less fortunate on the streets once it really starts getting cold. So, if you are looking for more space in your closets, pay it forward to those in need. (Drop off at 16th and Macdonald RE/MAX Crest office or give me a call and I can stop by and pick them up.

1. SHOP EARLY FOR THE HOLIDAYS! If you have a hard time shopping, do not go in the last week before Christmas! Do your holiday shopping early, before there is a ton of snow on the ground and the malls are packed. This will allow you to stay at home by the fire sipping Egg Nog and enjoying classic holiday movies. (If you are having a hard to thinking what to get check out my previous blog Gift Giving: What do you get the person who is impossible to buy for?)

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