Do You Know What a New Playground in Vancouver Costs?

The short answer is $163,000. With local and provincial governments not really paying directly for any “extra’s” these days it is up to people in the community to pitch in. We need to help each other create the space that we want. I am supporting a great group, People Power for Playgrounds  or P3 who are looking to bridge the funding gap along with  Little Mountain Neighbourhood House Society. . Through our partnership we can harness grant money from government, charitable organizations and various generous companies that will support our cause.  As well, we hope to engage with the public in fun and exciting ways to accomplish our goal!

Here is a graph of the funding and grants we are applying for:


These are targets and goals we have, if you have any contacts that could help our cause or suggestions for fund raising please  check out our blog at and let us know as we are open to all the help we can get!

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